Getting Started

Welcome to! Explore the full functions of Socialy. In order to get most out of the Documentation i recommend you follow it step by step!

Create a Account:

Visit our register page and create your account. It takes less than 15 seconds!

Install GetSocialy Pixel

Next we need to establish a connection between your site and GetSocialy. This is done using our pixel!

You can find your pixel under -> and then “Install Pixel”

Now you need to copy the pixel code:

Custom site:

If your site does not run: clickfunnels, wordpress, shopify and need to use this guide. The code you have copied above you now need to paste in the source code. The section you need to paste in the script is --> <head> </head>


Firstly you need to navigate to plugins, and search for the term: Insert header, and then you need to choose “Insert Header and Footers”

After installing and activating the plugin you now need to navigate to “Setting” and then “Insert Headers and Footers”

Inside here we need to paste in the Pixel code just like this:

And then you need to hit “Save”


From your Shopify Dashboard, please visit'‘Edit Site'’

Open this: theme.liquid

from here, simply locate the <head> tag and insert the GetSocialy after this tag.

Any questions? Our support team will be happy to help getting started! HOWEVER, WE HAVE A SEPERATE GUIDE HERABOUT


From Funnel please go to settings > head tracking code as show below and paste in the pixel code

The last step is to verify you have established connection, here you need to click “Check Activity” and if installed correctly you will get a ✅

However if you do not complete, we’re here to help you! Just contact us on the chat!

Now you have successfully integrated GetSocialy!

Need a hand installing your Pixel? Our support team will be happy to help you getting started. We also offer a complimentary installation service for all users.